Am I allowed to talk about sex in my essay?

You are allowed to write about sex essay unless you are not permitted to do it. This is like something that will form who you are and something that helps you to discuss what you know about it. It is persona, political at the same time topical. Writing it correctly could be a great essay. On the other hand, you need to read more information about it. You need to know what you can write and what you should not.

Of course, you need to avoid writing about sex scenes because it is not good to read. If you want to present a good sex essay to readers, you need to be professional in writing it. You need to completely know what are the factors needed to write. Think carefully of what you want to add because in some instances, you might offend other people.

If the sex essay you will write is about your application, you should not write it. It is better when you talk about more important things. If you want to increase your chance of getting accepted, be professional and be personal. Talking about sex in your application is not a good idea. The college is more interested of who you are, how they can benefit from you and what you can do for them. They are not interested to read such stuff that is not part of your application. On the other hand, if it is not for your application, be sure to write a thought provoking essay showing your analytical skills but do not forget that you should leave out sexy time scenes because it is definitely the place to talk about it. You should not talk about such stuff in your essay.
You are allowed to write sex essay but you need to know where you will submit it!


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