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When I write my essay on organ sale, I begin by defining what organ sale is and providing a brief background of it. Organ sale or organ trade is the selling of human organs used for transplants. Some of the commonly sold organs are kidneys. Organ trade has been in existence for quite some time now. The issue now with organ sale is that there are many illegal organ trades happening around the world most especially in the developing countries. People would sell their organs for low prices at the black market and put themselves at a health risk. They also do not realize that the true valuation of their organs because they desperately need money which is another reason why they sell the organs at cheap prices.

When I write my essay, I should list down possible arguments to build up on. Since organ sale is a very popular issue, many debates have come up about it. I can read up on those then ask my own questions about the matter which will help me create arguments.

When I write my essay, I should give some insight as to why organ selling is an issue these days. Organ selling has been a last resort of people suffering from poverty in the developing countries. The demand for organs for transplantation is still high and foreigners would fly in to the developing countries to wait for bought organs and undergo the operation there. The organ sellers are aware of the risks but continue to go through it because they need money.

When I write my essay, I should keep my arguments short but with plenty of details. This issue is a lengthy one so the best plan of action would be to take the most important issues then go on from there.

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