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Essay writing has been a part of the educational process for many years. Even with the advancements and developments in technology the means used for producing an essay is different, but in actuality the tried and true writing process remains the same. Essays are written with different audiences in mind and for a plethora of reasons, but there are some basic rules that remain constant.

Defining the Best Structure

Essays may vary in purpose, content and intended audience, but for the most part the structure will remain the same. A solidly built essay will contain an introduction, body and conclusion. This holds true whether it is being written to inform, entertain or even if you are writing a persuasive essay and trying to argue a point. A good introduction will catch the readers and reel them in, the body will keep them engaged and provide what was promised in the introduction and the conclusion will sum it all up while leaving the reader wanting more.

Choosing the Optimal Length

In many cases the length of an essay is predetermined, but it can be difficult to reach the desired length or to adequately cover a topic without redundancies. It can also be difficult to know how long is too long and when an essay is too short. The rule of thumb for determining the proper length of an essay is explained by an allegory. The length of an essay should be like a mini-skirt; long enough to cover the topic and short enough to be interesting.

Crafting an Outline

It can be very tempting to skip making an outline and jump on into essay writing itself. It is not even reasonable to think that an essay can be written properly without the use of an outline. Outlines are an essential tool that helps the writer stay organized and on topic. Never write an essay without developing an outline first.

Proper Editing

Proofreading is a die-hard rule for essay writing. Too many errors can occur if the writer does not take the time to go back and read through the essay. While grammar checkers and spellcheckers are useful and have their place, they are not perfect and can damage the writer’s reputation. There is nothing that turns away a reader more quickly than blatant errors that could be easily caught with a quick read-through. It is a good idea once the essay has been written, to let it set overnight, or at least do the rereading at a later time. This allows the writer to read it with fresh eyes.

Be Relevant!

Even the most experienced writer can be prone to ramble. But for writing essays it is essential that there is no straying from the topic. Each of the supporting details used must be relevant to the topic. Relevant information is what helps hold the flow of the paper intact. This is a very important rule to be adhered to no matter the purpose of the essay, whether it is written for a class, or high stakes testing. One of the factors any type of examiner will look for is if the writer stayed on the topic.

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