Can I writing my essay page without page referencing

To avoid plagiarism, of course you need to write essay page with referencing because it is not your work. You use it as your basis in writing your essay that is why you need to cite your references. The references are the list of sources you cited. It is written at the end of your paper. Each source that is listed in your essay must be cited in body of your paper. It must be accessible to allow other people to read more about it who are interested with what you have written.

On the other hand, in APA style not all cited materials goes to references. It is common that sources are cited and not referenced but keep in mind that the more credible your references in your essay, the better quality of your work will be. In referencing, there must be an exact match between your sources in your body section and what appear in your references.

Regardless, you can still write an essay without referencing and it is possible as long as you cite specific source to be mention in the body of your paper. The format of your paper will change depending on what style you choose to use whether it is APA or MLA. The basic element in citation includes the name of the authors, year of publication, page number or page range. If you quote a source, you need to include the page number.
There you have some of the advice you can follow to write an essay without referencing. Take note that referencing and citation are different. The reference is written at the end of the paper while citations are included in the body of the paper. If you need to write your essay now, start writing and do now waste your time. The time you know the answer to your question, start to write an essay without referencing now.

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