Can you help me with the crucible essay prompts?

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is easy to write when it comes to literature because it has many interesting characters and grand themes. There are many things you can explore which help you to understand the novel.
What is the theme of martyrdom in Crucible? If you choose this prompt, you need to look at issues especially at beginning of the play. Focus on reading and you will see how Proctor wonders if martyrs are muses and saints. You also have the opportunity in examining Rebecca Church.

Salem is a close and small community where privacy is impossible. Do you want to live in that community? Miller emphasize that communities make societies rife. In your essay, you need to explore more ideas to present your arguments.

This is one of the crucible essay prompts you can choose from wherein you should discuss about the interesting character of Tabitha. Tell why she has more power compared to whites? What she do with her power and what Miller says about it?

In the book, you can find many evidences that would make your essay excellent. Read it for multiple times so that you understand what you need to address and what you should not.

In answering crucible essay prompts, take your time. If you have ample time, do not be in a hurry to write a high quality essay. You should use your time excellently so that you will not be in a rush or you still have time to proofread it when you are done writing. Satisfying the readers is not an easy thing but when you do well in answering and you include all the points needed, they will be impressed.