Can you help me with the giver essay prompts?

Not all students can able to answer giver essay prompts for the reason that they do not read the book or that they do not understand it. The fact is that no one can start answering the prompt when you do not know what the story is all about.

What does ending of The Given mean? Lowry ends the story ambiguous and the good approach in here is to say that Jonas did die and only merely hallucinating implying a pessimistic ending. You can also say that Jonas finds sled at the end of the novel. It’s essential to note that the author resolves ambiguity by giving a possible interpretation that he died or suggest that he survive.
Importance of snow in The Giver? Jonas experience that he is connected intimately with idea of snow. Even though snow involves danger to community, the good thing is that is brings joy to Jonas. Snow is neither bad nor good. In the book, it implies that the absence of snow takes important aspect from our world.
What is the meaning of back and back and back? The phrase only means that it represents traditional role of received within the community of Jonas. It also gives a sense of continuity and history. In the novel, it represents burden and constraints that society given to receiver in search for sameness and safety.

The time you know Giver essay prompts, you will know where you will concentrate. You no longer need to waste your time thinking what you should do because I already give you some prompts that help you in getting started. In answering the prompt, you should be focus and organize all the time. Make sure that your also edit and proofread your paper before submitting.