Can you write my essay about Global Warming?

I had also the same question a few months ago. I posted the question which is “Can you write my essay about Global Warming?” on the internet. I am really happy because I finally found a good resource on how I will going to write my essay for me. I will be going to post the steps that I did.
First, you need to have extensive research, I do extensive research about the topic. I had to research on the “introduction about global warming and the impact of global warming”. It will give you a broad coverage about the topic. I myself had done this before and it was helpful.
I also write my essay like this, “ Global Warming is changing our communities and economy which composed of distinct and unlike elements. In addition, Scientists mentioned also that if we did not aggressively control global warming, the result of it is disastrous.
Secondly, after making the introduction. I do my essay by gathering more information about the topic such as “ Global Warming is a social phenomenon and its impacts are hard to say and predict”. You can also add “what are the risk of it to the health of the people and who are the people that are most vulnerable to the climate change effects”.
Third, you need to provide solutions such as “now a days there are now technologists that exist like generating electricity from non polluting sources and modernize power plants”.
Lastly, you need to show how will you going to help controlling about climate change. You can say this, each of us plays an important role on how we will going to stop climate change. We can limit global warming by raising our voices, choosing renewable energy and offset the carbon footprint.
I hope that this can be helpful for you and Good luck!