Can you write my essay on responsibility?

Before I start to write my essay on responsibility, I should think of the arguments that I want to defend in my essay. This is more time efficient and will help me not waste time trying to go the round about way while I am writing. It will also help in avoiding writer’s block because I do not know what to write about if I get stuck in the middle.

When I write my essay on responsibility, I should take note of a few things before I get started. I should define responsibility because it is an abstract concept. It is felt and not quantifiable. The dictionary definition of responsibility is “the state, fact, or position of being accountable to someone or something.”

If I have to present arguments when I write my essay, I should come up with a list of points that I want to defend. I should outline all the ideas that I want to discuss so it will be presented in a clear and logical manner.

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When I discuss the concept of responsibility, I should note that it is a very broad topic. To make it easier, I will stick with just one topic and delve into that. As a student, I can focus on my responsibility as a student and argue on that. Being a student, it is my responsibility to do my work diligently and pay attention to the lessons in school. As a student, I am to abide by the school’s rules and regulations. I should also accept that if I go against these policies, I am subject to proper sanctions from the school. I can go on to defend these points and why they are valuable to the concept of a student’s responsibility.

To end my essay, I would summarize all the points I talked about in a short paragraph.

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