Charlotte Bronte and her works. Have any ideas how to write my essay?

To write my essay on Charlotte Bronte, I would begin by giving background on her. When I write my essay, I should remember to put equal emphasis on her biography and her works.

Charlotte Bronte was an English novelist and poet. Her works are considered as books under the classification English Literature. She is most known for writing the novel, Jane Eyre.

Charlotte Bronte was born in Thornton, Yorkshire in 1816. She was the third of six children. Her father was Patrick Bronte and her mother, Maria Bronte. Maria died of cancer in 1821 leaving Charlotte and her siblings to the care of her mother’s sister, Emily Branwell. In 1824, Charlotte and three of her sisters, Emily, Maria, and Elizabeth were sent to the Clergy Daughter’s School. Due to its poor conditioned, it affected her health and contributed to the early deaths of her two older sisters, Maria and Emily.

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When she returned from Clergy, she and her remaining siblings wrote about an imaginary world which they called Angria. The idea came from a box of wooden soldiers that their father ad brought home for them.

Charlotte went to school at Roe Head but left school after a year to teach her sisters at home. She returned to Roe Head as a governess in 1835. She left the school once again and took a position as a governess. She continued this career until 1841.

In 1842, Charlotte and her sister, Emily, went to Brussels to finish their studies. Charlotte remained in Brussels until 1844. A year later, she discovered Emily’s poems and decided to publish some of the poems of all her sisters. It was published in 1846 under the names Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. The year after, Charlotte’s Jane Eyre, Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Ann’s Agnes Grey were published under the Bell pseudonyms. They revealed their identities to their publishers in 1848. Emily died later that year and Ann, the year after.

In 1849, Charlotte would frequent London, moving amongst literary circles making acquaintances such as William Thackeray. In 1854, she married Arthur Bell Nichols. The couple expected a child in the same year but Charlotte had caught pneumonia. She died and her unborn baby in the same year .

When I write my essay, I should consider the length of it so I will discuss each of her books and give a short analysis on each book. I will start with Jane Eyre because even though she used a pen name for the novel, this is the book that she is most famous for.

I should also add, when I write my essay, Charlotte Bronte’s poems. I should not just focus on her works alone if the essay I have to write is about Charlotte Bronte and her works.

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