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There are many arguments about the superiority of the written word over the use of films for entertainment and education. Although the film can be quickly and easily assimilated, it eliminates the need for the viewer to fully understand what is happening and use his imagination, but he sees only what the director wants him to see. The book, however, requires the reader to use his own imagination to form scenes and think about what was written; Many claim that books are an excellent way to broaden their horizons and knowledge.

Writing a comparative essay will allow you to compare and contrast the two environments and find out what people will say in your research.

Outlining Your Comparative Essay Thesis

Most articles should be divided into three main sections: this is your introduction, then the main part, and finally your conclusion. To outline your comparative essay, you need to write a series of notes under each heading to help you make sure your text flows logically and you know what you are going to write about.

Your introduction should provide some basic facts about the two environments; You could show how book sales have declined over the past decades, while DVD and downloaded movie sales have grown. Explain what is written about books, what films are, and how they developed.

Your main body should be where you enter your comparisons and contrast two different environments. Each aspect that you want to discuss or study should have a separate paragraph, and you should aim for 3-5 paragraphs. These paragraphs should cover areas such as studies showing how books help develop intelligence and an inquiring mind and compare it with similar work for the film industry. You can also compare the level of detail found in books and films, you can also discuss inaccuracies found in books and films, and how they affect people’s perceptions of real events.

Your paper should provide the reader with a summary of what you wrote in the main body, and then provide the reader with your personal points of view.

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