Comparative Essay about Books vs. Movies

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There are many arguments about the superiority of the written word over the use of movies for entertainment and education. While a movie is quick and easy to digest it takes away the need for the viewer to fully comprehend everything that is going on and to use their imagination, they see only what the director wants them to see. A book however requires the reader to have to use their own imagination to form the scenes and think about what has been written; many would argue that books are a superior way to expand your mind and your knowledge.

Writing a comparative essay about books vs. movies will allow you to compare and contrast those two mediums and to investigate what people have to say through your research.

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But how do you write your comparative essay? Where do you start?

Outlining Your Comparative Essay on Books vs. Movies

Most essays should be split into three main sections, these being your introduction, then the main body and finally your conclusion. To outline your comparative essay on books vs. movies you need to write a series of notes under each heading which will help you to ensure that your essay flows logically and that you know what you are going to write about.

Your introduction should give some basic facts about the two mediums; you could show how the sale of books has declined over the past decades while the sale of DVDs and downloaded movies has grown. Explain what the written word is with regards to books and what movies are and how they have developed.

Your main body should be where you introduce your comparisons and contrast the two different mediums. Each aspect that you wish to discuss or explore should be given a paragraph of its own and you should aim for 3-5 paragraphs. These paragraphs should cover areas such as research showing how books help to develop intelligence and an inquisitive mind and compare it against similar work for the movie industry. You can also compare the level of detail found within books and movies, you could also discuss the inaccuracies found within books and films and how these affect peoples perception of real life events.

Your conclusion should provide the reader with a brief summary of what you have written within the main body and then provide the reader with your personal viewpoints.

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