Comparative Essay

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A comparative essay is one in which you compare two or more things; these can be people, events, items, basically anything that you can find similarities and differences between. A comparative essay may or may not have an argument to it, for instance you may wish to compare brand X with brand Y to prove which is the superior, or may just wish to compare two literary works without making a judgment as to which is the superior.

Outlining Your Comparative Essay

All essays are easier to write if you have spent time planning exactly what it is that you want to write, especially with a comparative essay. As with any essay your comparative essay begins with your introduction. This is where you introduce the subjects that you are going to compare, for instance two motorcycles from different manufacturers. Your introduction should tell the reader what the bikes are, where they are made and then tell the reader what it is that you are going to compare within the body of the essay. If you are writing a comparative essay with an argument then you may also introduce that you are going to prove that; “Bike X is a better bike to buy than Y.”

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The main body of your comparative essay is where you start to make your comparisons, each comparison having a paragraph of its own. You have a choice here as to how you layout your paragraphs. You could for instance have a paragraph that discusses the power output of both bikes, or you could have a paragraph that discusses the power of bike X then another paragraph that discusses the power output of Bike Y.

Alternatively you could have a series of paragraphs that discuss Bike X’s power output, style, options and price and then similar paragraphs for bike Y. The choice of how you lay it out is up to you.

Concluding Your Comparative Essay

The conclusion of your comparative essay allows you to summarize what you have already discussed within the main body. If you have set out to prove an argument this is where you use that summary to show how your argument is correct. The conclusion also allows you to make your own personal comment and to tell the reader your personal feelings about the subject.

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