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Marine, Support Representative

Writemyessay, I wrote a lab report, but my proffesor didn’t accept it because of wrong formatting. Can you explain to me how should a lab report look?

Hi Sheila, so sorry to hear that your professor did not accept you lab report writing because you used incorrect formatting.  There are many different types of lab report format that you could use for your lab report and your professor should be indicating which specific format you should be using for your assignment. If you are struggling to get it right however you can always use our service to help you out.

A formal lab report format will usually follow the following sections:

  • The title page; This should show details of the people involved, the name of the experiment, your professors names and the date on which the report was done and the experiment performed.
  • Title; A descriptive title for the experiment in about a dozen words or less.
  • The Introduction; The introduction within your lab report format can be anything from a simple statement of the purpose of the experiment through to a summary or the experiment depending on the requirements.
  • The Materials used; as the title suggests this is a simple list of everything that you used.
  • Your Methods; You should write a concise procedure as to exactly what it was that you did. It needs to be clear enough and detailed enough that anyone could follow your method to duplicate your experiment.
  • Data; your data will often be presented in the form of a table. This section does not try to make any form of interpretation; it just lists out the results of your experimentation.
  • The results and analysis (discussion); Describe what the data means and then analyze the data showing all of your calculations. Then you should interpret those results and decide if your hypothesis has been proven. You will also want to discuss any shortcomings that may have been made when conducting the experiments and how you may improve.
  • Conclusion; for most lab write up format this will comprise of a single summarizing paragraph.
  • Any Graphs and figures; any graphs and tables referenced within the body of your report can be placed within this section. Each should have a clear description.
  • References used; if you have cited other work or facts then you should list out the relevant references within this section.

I hope that the above list will suffice as a basic lab report template that you can use for your lab report formatting next time that you are asked for a lab report. Lab report formatting is not too difficult as long as you follow the above.

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