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Writing a creative essay is your opportunity to truly express yourself, a creative essay does not necessarily have to follow a traditional style but it still has to flow from start through to the finish and end with some form of conclusion to make your point.

Writing a creative essay like any other essay however should be approached seriously and you should ensure that you outline what you want to cover before you start the actual writing process.

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Choosing a Subject for Your Creative Essay

If you have been already provided with a subject by your tutor then this issue is solved, otherwise you will have to think long and hard about what you will write about. The good thing about creative essays though is that you can take almost any subject that have an interest in and develop it into an essay. However ensure that you choose a subject that you are comfortable writing about and one that you have an interest in writing as it will make the task a lot easier.

Outlining Your Creative Essay

All essays benefit from the use of an outline; your outline allows you to understand what you intend to write and to see if your ideas will work together and flow well before you start the actual writing process.

Start by outlining what you will write, like a normal essay try to keep each paragraph reflecting only one idea, first list out the main paragraphs that you will write and put some simple notes against each to highlight what you want to include within each paragraph of your creative essay. This will allow you to see how your essay will look before you start to write, it is far easier to move around a few notes than to rewrite huge chunks of your essay later.

A creative essay need not open with an introduction as a more traditional style of essay, you can use an approach that may be more journalistic for instance; have an opening sentence that is written to hook in the reader. Write something that is intriguing and thought provoking that will make the reader really want to read on and understand what you are going to write about.

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