Descriptive Essay about an American City

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America has many cities to choose from if you are given an assignment to write a descriptive essay about an American city. You could choose from one of the more well known cities rich in history or you could choose one of the less well known cities that few people will know about. The point of a descriptive essay is, as the title suggests, to provide the reader with a description of the subject allowing them to form a picture of what it is like.

Descriptive means that you will be able to tell the reader about the history of the city, what is hidden within the city with regards to landmarks and other places of interest. The general feel of the city, how does it smell, how does it look, how does it feel all need to be described within your city.

Researching and Organizing Your Essay about an American City

Begin with basic research about the city that you have chosen. Discover when it was founded, who by, why it was built where it is. Find out how it has changed over time, what has influenced its growth, and even decline. What events have shaped the structure of the city and its history. You may be surprised as to what you may discover about even the most unlikely cities with regards to little know history or even marvelous architecture or festivals.

Begin your essay with a basic description of the city. Tell the reader where it is, how big it is, what the population is and so forth. If you are making an assertion about the city this is where you would introduce it, such as “Washington DC; the most important city in the country”.

Your body is where you begin to really provide the reader with an in depth description of your city. You would write individual paragraphs to describe certain aspects of your chosen city, these would look at things such as;

  • An important historical event
  • Famous people that have lived there
  • Important buildings or landmarks
  • Festivals and cultural events
  • Industries or services
  • The people in general

The conclusion then summarizes what you have observed and described to support your initial assertion. You can also make any recommendation that you wish to make about the city such as saying that it is a great place to visit or work.

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