Your Narrative Descriptive Essay about an American City

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America has many cities to choose from if you are tasked with writing a text about an American city. You can choose one of the most famous cities with a rich history, or you can choose one of the less famous cities that few people know about for a descriptive essay. The meaning of such a paper is to, as follows from the headline, provide the reader with a description of the subject, allowing them to get an idea of ​​what it looks like.

A narrative descriptive essay is where you can tell the reader about the history of the city, about what is hidden in the city regarding attractions and other attractions. The general feeling of the city, how it smells, how it looks, how it should all be described in your city.

Studying and Organizing a Descriptive Essay

Start with basic research about the city you have chosen. Find out when it was founded, by whom, why it was built, where it is located. Find out how it has changed over time, which affected its growth and even decline. What events formed the structure of the city and its history. You may be surprised that you can even find out about the most unexpected cities regarding a little-known history or even amazing architecture or festivals.

Start your descriptive essay with a basic description of the city. Tell the reader where he is, how big he is, what the population is, and so on. If you make a statement about the city, then it would be here that you would present it, for example, “Washington, DC; the most important city in the country. ”

Your descriptive narrative essay body is the place where you begin to really provide the reader with a detailed description of your city. You must write separate paragraphs to describe certain aspects of your chosen city, they will look at things like;

  • Important historical event
  • Famous people who lived there
  • Important buildings or attractions
  • Festivals and cultural events
  • Industries or Services
  • People in general

The conclusion then summarizes what you have observed and described to support your initial statement. You can also give any recommendations about the city, for example, to say that this is a great place to visit or work.

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