Do you have any ideas on how to write my essay about Humane Society?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the word humane is respect for life. So when I write my essay about Humane Society, this is what I will focus on.

I will start writing my essay with the question, “What is a Humane Society?” By providing a definition of terms, I can give my piece more structure which is key in essay writing. And it can go in this way. A Humane Society is defined as group of individuals or a community united by a common advocacy that is, to respect life. Respect for life does not apply to people alone. Instead, the life of other creatures should be valued as well which is why animal cruelty is unacceptable.

This definition can go in two ways. One is the no kill policy and the other is to stop suffering by any means. When I write my essay, I will discriminate between human and animal life. I would say that the no kill policy should apply to people. The killing of animals, on the other hand, may be necessary such as for the purpose of food and human survival in general. This, however, does not mean that animals can be slaughtered. I will argue that there is a way to kill an animal while avoiding suffering.

A good way to continue and end writing my essay about Humane Society is to deal with common arguments such as the topic of capital punishment, should it be allowed? On one hand, proponents of death penalty may argue that the procedure limits or causes no suffering. However, while justice has to be enforced, the ultimate goal should be reformation and not death. Life, after all, is an invaluable gift which gives no one any right to take it away.

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