Do you have death of a salesman essay prompts?

Many students ask about death of a salesman essay prompts, if you are one of them; I can help you to provide some of the prompts you might want to choose but as an advice, you need to answer it carefully and magnificently.

One of the deaths of a salesman essay prompts you can choose is to answer “does Willy Loman die as a martyr? How his sons’ interprets his death? A strong answer depends on how you answer it but as a guide, you can tell that he kills himself for the reason that he believes that insurance money allow his sons in achieving his destined greatness. It is a doubt that Willy will receive money. Willy has record of attempt suicide and it is impossible for the company to convince them that his death was accident.

Discuss motif of women stockings in Death of a Salesman? What are the attitudes of Biff and Willy’s towards them? To women, stockings are a symbol of what Willy can give as measure of his success. To him, it is a symbol of guilt over affair. To Biff, it is a symbol of betrayal of Linda and Willy’s fakeness.
There are still other death of a salesman essay prompts that include describing the importance of the names on the play. How does the name of Biff and Happy support and contrast their characters? You should also interpret Loman as a name. Another question is that giving the role of modernity in Death of a Salesman? Have gas heaters and cars changed American dream? How Miller view it?

When you know the prompts for death of a salesman, getting started is not a hard part for you. Make sure that you know some guidelines to avoid mistakes in writing.