Do you have Huck Finn essay prompts?

If you know what the Huck Finn essay prompts are, you can start right away but if you don’t, I will help you. The fact is that there are four prompts to choose from and each prompt must be answered magnificently.
Prompt 1: Why at the end of the book, Huck reject civilization again? In this, you need to discuss what the meaning of civilization is and to specify instances of cruelty, social satire and hypocrisy. Provide what Twain thinks humankind is in general and the society is in particular.
Prompt 2: Discuss the development of Jim as one of the characters in the novel. In here, you need to discuss how he portrayed in opening chapters of the book. How his character evolves and what readers can learn from him? Discuss Jim depiction in closing chapters of the novel.
Prompt 3: According to Ernest Hemingway, he said the American literature came from one book. With that in mind, refute or support Hemingway’s claim. Have a stand whether you agree or not with what he said. Provide intelligent and specific reasons. It is better when you support your reasons with examples that can be found in the novel.
Prompt 4: Trace Huck’s changing relationship with Jim in the book.
I hope that you find what Huck Finn essay prompts you want to answer. It is better when you decide on what prompt is perfect for you. You should not just choose the first prompt you read but you need to know if you can answer it exceptionally or not. Keep in mind that you need to convince your readers and you cannot do it when you do not do well in answering the prompt. If you have interest in answering the prompt, the outcome will be good so start reading the book and choose what prompt is nice to answer.