Essay about a Teacher or the Teaching Profession

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Teaching is a profession that some see as a thankless underpaid task while others see it as a profession populated by whining individuals who get too much holiday and short working days. Whatever your opinion may be on the subject there is a huge amount of scope to write an interesting essay about a teacher or the profession in general.

Selecting Your Essay Topic

A good essay will usually take a firm view of the subject from a specific angle and then seek to show that the proposed view is justified through introducing the reader to evidence. But first you need to select that view.

You should always start through some general research about the profession until you find information that you yourself find of interest and then start to investigate that specific branch of your research. This could be anything from how “inspirational teachers produce better qualified pupils” or “How overworked our teachers are”.

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Whatever the topic is make sure that there is plenty of research available to back up your ideas or it will be very difficult to write your essay about a teacher.

Outlining Your Essay about a Teacher

Essays on any subject are always easier to write if you take the time to outline them clearly. While this may seem like extra work it will always reduce the amount of time that you spend writing the essay and prevent you from writing in unrelated areas.

An outline does not have to be over complicated, in most cases a simple list of bullet points will suffice broken down for the main sections of your essay: the introduction, body and conclusion.

Your introduction should introduce the reader to the teaching profession and to the stance that you intent to take for your essay; “teacher pay is too low”, “teachers have too much free time” or whatever your chosen subject is. So a series of bullets outlining what you will want to include within the introduction will help you to write this concisely and easily.

The main body should introduce between 3 and 5 supporting arguments for the points that you wish to make. Each point will require a paragraph of its own.

The conclusion of course will then require you to summarize those supporting arguments and show how they “prove” that initial argument that you have made. You may also wish to make some recommendations based on your own personal opinions.

How We Can Write Your Essay

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