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Writing an essay on airline accidents is a great subject as there are so many angles you could approach this from. If you have already been given a more focused topic to investigate by your tutor you should research that otherwise the best approach is always to begin by doing some general research until you find something that you find very interesting.

Essays on any subject are always easier to write when you find the subject interesting. You should select your topic which could be:

  •  A specific crash to investigate
  • A specific airlines safety record
  • The crash history of a type of airliner
  • Aircraft maintenance and accident prevention
  • Airline crash investigation process
  • Comparison between land travel and air travel accident rates
  • Comparison between airline accidents caused by human error rather than mechanical failure
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There are many more topics that you could select for your essay, but select one that is both interesting and for which you can find plenty of research to use for your essay. Without any freely available research for your chosen topic it would be impossible to write a good essay.

Structuring and Writing Your Essay on Airline Accidents.

You should introduce your essay by telling the reader a little about airline travel and why airline accidents are such an emotive subjective. You may wish to also give some examples or statistics to back up what you are relaying to the reader. Within your introduction you may wish to also introduce your specific topic which could be for example; “Airbus has a better air safety record than Boeing” or “You are safer flying in America than any other country”.

The main body of your essay is then where you introduce the information that you have learned from your research, so if your essay was to compare the airline accident records of the two main manufacturers you may have a paragraph for each of their main airliners detail out statistics regarding accidents. Each paragraph should cover just one area of your investigation and you should ensure that you cite your data correctly within the text of your essay.

Your conclusion should then summarize the information that you have just discussed and relate it back to your initial assertions that you made within your introduction, so for this case you could show that the evidence clearly show that it is safer to fly and airliner produced by Airbus rather than Boeing, unless the evidence points to the opposite.

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