Essay about American Presidents

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Writing an essay about American Presidents is a great opportunity for you to learn a huge amount about the history and heritage of the US. The US head of state is elected into office under the rules of the constriction of the United states of America. Their term of office is four years starting in January of the year after they are elected and they can only be re-elected once serving at most 8 years.

For an essay about US Presidents you should start with an introductory paragraph or section that outlines some basic facts about the Presidency such as those outlined in the paragraph above. You may wish to also outline some of the main powers of the President and even some ways in which their powers are restricted.

Selecting Topics for an Essay about American Presidents

It would be a very lengthy essay indeed should you decide to write about each and every American President starting with George Washington who took office in 1789; after all including Barrack Obama there have now been 44 presidents of the US. You need to find a topic that you find interesting and write about that. This could be in the form of a comparative essay or an argumentative essay such as “Why George W. Bush was a better war time president than Franklin D. Roosevelt” or maybe you could write about “The five presidents who have had the greatest impact on the US”. There are a host of different angles that you could approach your essay from looking at their achievements or even the scandals that have surrounded them.

Outline the Main Body of Your Essay about American Presidents

Your main body or discussion section is where you need to lay out the main part of your essay. Each main fact or president that you wish to cover would have a paragraph of its own and you should aim for around 4 to 6 paragraphs depending on the length of the essay that is expected. So if your essay was about the most influential presidents you would have a paragraph for each of the US presidents that you wished to discuss stating the impact that they had on the country. If you were to discuss the various scandals you would have a paragraph about Nixon’s Watergate and Clinton’s “Monica-gate” and so on.

Your conclusion is where you draw together everything you have written within the main body and then either show how it answers any assertion that you have made such as Bush’s superiority or you could add your own personal opinions.

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