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Writing an essay about cell phones is a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability for critical thinking and analysis as well as showing off your research skills. After all how many people now own and use cell phones? What health effects are cell phones having?

There are research studies that show that the radiation from cell phones is harmful and other studies that show that it is not. Which is the truth? There are also studies showing that cell phones are breeding grounds for disease and all sorts of problems.

Then of course, there are the social issues concerning using cell phones, can you ever be truly away from work or be able to have privacy? Should young children be able to have cell phones?

There are so many topics that you could select when it comes to the effect of cell phones on our society, go to a third world country and you will find people with no food who have cell phones.

So the first step in your essay will be in selecting a topic about which to write as cell phone essays without some form of narrowing down would be very broad indeed.

An example could be “Using cell phones can lead to disease” or “marriage breakdown has increased due to the introduction of the cell phone”. An argumentative essay would then introduce supporting essay to “prove your statement.

Writing Your Essay about Cell Phones

Once you have selected your topic you need to do some research to find supporting evidence and other work that will support your assertions.

Your introduction should introduce your argument and show why it is an issue and how big an issue it is.

Your main body should be made up of paragraphs that each contains a single supporting argument. So one paragraph for a report on the number and variety of bacteria found on a cell phones mouthpiece and another for a physicians anecdotal report of cell phone related illnesses.

Your conclusion must then pull together these individual arguments and show how they fully support your initial assertion to get the reader to agree with your point of view.

How We Can Help Write Your Essay about Cell Phones

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