Essay about Charlotte Bronte and Her Works

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Writing an essay about Charlotte Bronte and her works will be a very interesting essay to write as it allows you to explore the life of someone who had a very interesting upbringing within the 19th century as well as looking at some of the best literature to come from this time. As a poet and a novelist she did not at the time publish her works using her own name but the pseudonym of Bell as did her sisters also. It was not until later in her career did her publisher learn who she really was.
But how should you layout this essay and what should you write about?

Outlining Your Essay about Charlotte Bronte and Her Works

It is always best when writing an essay on any subject to sketch out your thoughts clearly and create a simple outline to help you to ensure that you cover all of the points that you need within your essay. The outline will also provide you with some structure and help you to ensure that your essay flows well.

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So What Should You Include within the Outline of Your Essay on Charlotte Bronte and Her Works?

Your introduction should give some basic facts about her; tell the readers that she was born in Yorkshire England in 1816 and give some brief basic biographical information such as the number of sisters, her parents and so forth. You can explore this further within your main body later. Also give the reader an idea as to what she is well known for such as her novel Jane Eyre and her various poems.

The Main Body Needs to Cover Both the Life of Charlotte Bronte as well as Some of Her Better Known Works.

You should explain about her upbringing and how this may have helped inspire some of her writing. Tell the readers about the early death of her mother and some of her sisters to show how fragile life was in the time that she lived. Talk also about her later life, how she worked as a governess, where she travel in Europe, who she knew in London and so forth. Each main fact should have a full paragraph of its own and you should aim for 2-3 paragraphs to explain something of this great author’s life.

The remaining paragraphs should focus around some of her works; aim again for just 2-3 paragraphs each focusing on a single novel, poem, or collection of poetry.

Your conclusion then needs to simply summarize what you have already told them and add your own views regarding her life and work.

Help Writing Your Essay on Charlotte Bronte and Her Works

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