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With any essay your introduction should define the subject that you are talking about, in this case we are talking about the use of financial pyramids. Therefore, our essay’s introduction should fully explain to the reader what the financial pyramid is.

A financial pyramid being a visual aid to help people understand their financial planning and investing. Not a pyramid type scheme which is designed to take wealth from the many at the base of the pyramid and give it to the few at the apex of the pyramid.

So a financial pyramid has a broad base or foundation which is your security moving to the tip where your risky investments are made. Most of your finances should remain in the large secure area of the pyramid with only a small percentage of your assets moving into the risky tip of the pyramid.

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Writing the Body of Your Financial Pyramid Essay

If your essay is purely to explain the structure of a financial pyramid then the main body should have a single paragraph to explain each layer of the financial pyramid. This can vary depending on which company’s definition of the financial pyramid that you look at.

Generally there are 4 levels within the pyramid, the first being protection, followed by savings, growth then investment or risk. Within your main body or discussion section you would spend a paragraph to explain each tier of the paragraph to explain exactly what should be within each layer and its purpose.

Concluding Your Essay on Financial Pyramids

As with any other essay your conclusion would summarize what you have discussed within the main body of the essay relating it back to your introduction also. For a general essay you would also give your personal opinion as to whether you think that the model described has any merits and any other suggestions that you would like to make.

How We Can Help You Write Your Essay about Financial Pyramids

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