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The hippy culture as most of us understand it started in the 1960s and is synonymous with promoting “world peace” and “anti-government demonstrations.” The hippies are often portrayed as being long haired, unwashed, drug taking pacifists who preferred to “make love not war”. The roots of the hippy culture however could be traced way back to the teachings of various philosophers and religious gurus such as Gandhi, and The Buddha, although it could also be argued that the majority of the Hippies were there because they liked the music!

So how would you go about writing an essay about hippy culture?

Outlining Your Essay on Hippy Culture

It is always worth using an outline to help you to provide structure to your essay, your outline although an additional step in the writing process will ensure that when you write your essay it will be very easy to do so. Your outline does not need to be overly complicated, a few simple bullet points around a basic structure to help you organize your research and thoughts is all that is required.

All essays start with an introduction, followed by a main body and then your conclusion. Your introduction should contain some basic facts about the Hippie movement such as those mentioned in the opening section of this article. The main body should focus on different aspects of the culture such as the peace movement, drugs, music, art and so forth. Each aspect should be given a full paragraph of its own. You should aim for 4 or 5 main paragraphs to highlight the different aspects of the hippy culture.

Your research therefore should aim to provide the content for each of these different areas of Hippy culture and you should add several bullet points under each selected paragraph that you can then write around.

Your conclusion then can pull together and summarize all that you discuss within the main body of your essay. You also can take the time here to make your own personal observations about the culture and maybe even make some suggestions regarding about how the culture may reemerge or not depending on your opinions.

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