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Writing an essay about surrealist paintings is a far from easy assignment for anyone to undertake. There are a huge number of well known painters that could be included within the movement as well as a host of famous paintings. So there is potentially a huge amount that you could talk about. So how do you decide what to actually write within your essay on surrealist paintings?

Selecting Your Essay Topic

With a subject as broad as surrealist paintings, it would be best to select a specific topic or area in which to focus your essay. You could focus on the differences between some of the more well known artists such as Salvador Dali and Man Ray for instance to show how their paintings and styles differ. Alternatively you could select a series of paintings and discuss how they fit into the surrealist movement.

The best way to select your topic however would be to start with some general research into the subject until you discover an area in which you yourself have some interest. It is always better to write about something in which you have a genuine interest; it is far easier. Once you have found an area that you are finding interesting research that area and take notes for your essay.

Structuring Your Essay on Surrealist Paintings

Unsurprisingly your essay will begin with your introduction. Within this section you should introduce the surrealist movement and provide some explanation as to what it was, where and when it started, and who were the main people involved. You must also include the focus and aim of your essay here, whether that is to compare surrealism to another school of art or to compare artists or paintings.

The main body, also known as the discussion section is where you will lay out what you have learned during your research. If you are going to discuss various paintings within this section you would write a paragraph about each, usually 4 or 5 would be sufficient for most essays of this nature.

Your conclusion is where you summarize the main body and show how what you have learned is related to the aim of your essay. You may also want to add some of your own opinions and feelings about the work also within this section making th essay more personal.

Helping You to Write Your Essay on Surrealist Paintings

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