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Terrorism is an area that many people have an opinion, often opinions that are not backed up by real facts but by their own prejudices or by what has been sensationalized within the popular press and online. Writing a balanced and fair essay about terrorism therefore can be a real challenge for many people, especially with the amount of poor information that can be discovered online.

Great care should be taken when researching this subject to ensure that your sources of information are accurate and unbiased. You will find that many sources are biased with data that is gained from less than reliable sources.

Even reliable news services will base stories around what some people have to say about the subject without thoroughly checking the facts and the sources. Even the governments are not completely sure of the true facts; consider the hunt for weapons of mass destruction that intelligence agencies assured everyone existed!

Researching an Essay about Terrorism

Your essay on terrorism should really focus on a specific topic rather than being a general essay about terrorism which would be too broad to write a good essay about. You need to do some general research then select an angle or subject that really interests you to write your essay on terrorism about.

This could be anything from “extreme poverty is a greater cause of terrorism than religion” or maybe “Saudi Arabia is falsely accused of promoting terrorism”. Whatever your angle is you then need to thoroughly investigate it and find some reliable sources of information. If your sources are not fully reliable then it may be best to actually highlight this within your essay.

How to Structure Your Essay about Terrorism

Most essays are written around a very tradition style with an introduction, a main body section followed by your conclusion.

Your introduction should define terrorism and then provide some facts and figures about it, if you have selected a specific topic relate these figure to your specific topic such as the number of convicted terrorists from extreme poverty backgrounds.

The main body then should have 4 or 5 paragraphs that each relate to a piece of supporting evidence about your topic. If you use quotes and reference your sources you should ensure that they are cited correctly.

Your conclusion should then pull all this together and show how it supports your original assertions.

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