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Veterans are a very important part of our society as they are a group that has made often great sacrifices for us all. Many suffer from horrific disabilities and post traumatic shock and really need our support and understanding. So if you are tasked with writing an essay about veterans there is a huge amount that you could write.

You could write about the wars that they are veterans of, the problems they face integrating back into society, how disabled veterans cope and a host of other issues that veterans have to face. As with any other essay your first step is going to be conducting some research and selecting a topic such as the difficulties many veterans have integrating back into everyday society, or maybe even gulf war syndrome.

Writing an Essay about Veterans

The structure that you should use for your veterans essay should be much the same as for any other essay, the traditional introduction, main body and conclusion. Your introduction should explain to the reader who veterans are, how many there are and so on so that the reader can appreciate just how many people you may be talking about. If you are going to talk about disabled veterans then tell the reader how many of those there are and the range of their disabilities. You will also want to introduce your thesis or any argument that you want to make; such as “the government is ignoring the effects of gulf war syndrome for out veterans.”

The main body should then provide the supporting evidence or discussion around our subject. This would normally be a single paragraph for each subject area under discussion with about 4 or 5 paragraphs usually sufficient for most essays.

The conclusion should then summarize what you have shown within the main body without the introduction of any new information and then relate it back to any thesis or argument that you made within the introduction.

how to write a paper about veterans

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