Essay on Adopting Children by Homosexuals

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The suggestion that Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children to some is something that should be avoided while others would argue that children in need of adoption should be able to be adopted by any loving family no matter what the sexual orientation of the parents. This issue is a very controversial area to debate and can get some very passionate responses from people who have views on both sides. Therefore this should be an interesting essay to write.

How to outline your essay about homosexuals being allowed to adopt children

Your outline is the easiest way to organize your thoughts and provide you with a simple way to write your essay quickly without worrying about wandering off of the subject. A well written guideline will keep you on track and ensure that your essay will flow well throughout.

Begin your simple outline by looking at the main body or discussion section of your essay; this section normally has 3 to 5 paragraphs about the main subject. Each paragraph should be based around a single aspect of the subject being written about. So for this essay you may have the following paragraphs:

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  • Explain about the number of children that never get adopted or wait for many years for adoption who could be adopted by homosexual families.
  • Show how many children currently live with homosexual families who are not adopted
  • Provide information regarding religious views regarding homosexuals and children
  • Provide data regarding bullying of adopted children and suggest how this may affect adopted children of homosexual parents.

These are just a few examples of what you could write about, each paragraph should be written with some real data and provide proper citations within your work to show where you got the information from

Your introduction should inform the reader as to what adoption is with some basic figures regarding the number of children adopted and waiting for adoption as well as providing information as to what a homosexual couples may look like. It should also indicate what is going to be discussed within the main body.

Your conclusion is where you provide the reader with a short summary of the main body of your essay about whether homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children and then provide your personal viewpoint.

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