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With some $467 billion spent on advertising worldwide in 2010, advertising is huge business. Advertisements can be anything from a poster on a wall to an advert on the TV or even a pop up window on your computer when you visit a website. All of them however have one thing in common; they are trying to persuade you into taking a particular course of action, usually to buy a specific product. There is also public service advertising which is there to provide the public with a message such as the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV.

Advertising has been around since early times and has changed considerably as technology has changed as well as our knowledge of how advertising affects the human mind.

So how do you write an essay on advertisements?

Selecting a topic for your essay on advertisements

Firstly you need to decide if your essay on advertisements will be a general essay or if it will target a specific aspect of the advertising industry such as TV advertisements. If you have not been given a specific focus for your essay then you may wish to review the overall subject and then decide if you want to choose a specific topic around which to write your essay on advertisements. Where possible always choose a subject around which you have an interest and some knowledge as this will always make it easier to write your essay.

Outlining your essay on advertisements

The outline that you create for your essay will allow you to quickly and easy write your essay on advertisements without becoming sidetracked or writing off subject as we tend to do if we write without a plan. It also allows us to ensure that our essay flows naturally and that it fits together into one coherent whole.

Begin with your main body; this section is where you discuss the main areas of your essay. So if you are writing a general essay on advertisements then you may wish to write a range of paragraphs, each targeting a specific type of advertising so that you can show how advertising has evolved and changed over the past decades from simple posters through radio and TV to the internet and even product placement within movies. Each paragraph should deal with a specific medium and you should aim for 3 to 5 paragraphs. When creating an outline write notes under the heading for each paragraph as you conduct your research so that you have a series of bullets to use to write each.

Once you have your main body outlined your conclusion and introduction are much easier; the introduction needs to introduce the subject of advertising and outline what an advertisement is as well as any basic interesting facts such as the opening to this article. The conclusion then is where you bring everything together and provide your own personal opinions and observations.

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