Essay on Animal Rights

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Animal rights is a subject that many tutors love to give assignments around as it is one that can be looked at from so many different angles. After all is it morally right to make animals suffer through drug testing even if it could save the lives of young children suffering from disease? Is it morally right to let children die rather than test drugs on animals?

Of course there are a host of other areas that you could investigate for your essay on animal rights such as:

  • Testing cosmetics on animals
  • Testing of tobacco products on animals
  • Hunting as a sport
  • Cock fighting
  • Bear baiting
  • Hunting of whales and Dolphins
  • Vegetarianism
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Whichever topic you select you need to select one that is of interest to you personally as well as having significant amounts of research to which you can refer. So you need to decide whether your essay will focus on a specific area such as those listed above or if it will be a more general “animals should have more rights” type essay.

How to Write Your Animal Rights Essay

Start by clearly stating what the animal rights movement is and how it has come about. If you have some facts and figures to demonstrate how animals right’s have been violated in your essay on animal cruelty then introduce them here within your introduction also.

You should introduce your argument or viewpoint here also, say what it is that you are trying to demonstrate through your essay.

The main body should then discuss a number of factors regarding your subject, each factor commanding a paragraph of its own within this discussion section of your essay. So for a general essay on animal cruelty you should have a paragraph demonstrating different types of animal cruelty that you wish to use to demonstrate your main point.

The conclusion then draws all of these together in summary form to support your main argument. You will almost certainly within your conclusion want to add your own personal viewpoints.

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