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Writing an essay on cheerleading may sound simple as a piece of cake but it will actually take some careful thought and a fair amount of research. There, are many things you need to find out and write about in your essay, so writing an essay for cheerleading requires a lot of time on information research and getting your thoughts together. After all, you need to discover when and where cheerleading started, how it has developed and even how it has become a sport in its own right separate from the sports that it was originally supporting. You also need to discuss how it has developed a way to get the crowd chanting in support of their teams to more athletic dance routines for “sport” or entertainment purposes.

Outlining Your Essay on Cheerleading

Creating an outline is always the very best way to ensure that your essay on cheerleading will flow correctly from start to finish and will contain all of the facts that you wish to discuss. An outline does not have to be time-consuming nor does it have to be highly detailed, it just needs enough information to guide you to write your essay on cheerleading.

You should start with your introduction which should give some basic facts about cheerleading as it is today. Start by saying what cheerleading is, how many people participate. Your introduction should be a basic overview, not a highly detailed explanation, which will be within your next section the main body.

The main body of your essay will require you to discuss 3-5 aspects of the subject, each aspect being a single subject in its own right and taking a full paragraph. These paragraphs within the main body of your essay on cheerleading could cover things such as:

  • The history of Cheerleading
  • Development of Cheerleading as a sport
  • Men in Cheerleading
  • Cheerleading on TV
  • The dangers of Cheerleading.

Just record a series of bullet points under each heading as you do your research and that will help you to remember exactly what to write within each paragraph.

Your conclusion requires you to add some personal comments after you have summarized what you wrote within the main body.

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