Essay on Disadvantages of Summer School

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For parents summer school can be seen as an opportunity to get there kids looked after during the summer while they continue with the work. Summer school is also seen as an opportunity for their children to catch up in subjects where they are maybe behind or to develop in areas they have not had a chance to study within. However there are disadvantages to children attending summer school, especially from the viewpoint of the children.

So how do you write your essay about the disadvantages of summer school?

How to outline and write your essay about the disadvantages of summer school

All good essays start with a good outline. Your outline does not have to be complicated nor does it have to a mammoth task to complete. It will however save you a huge amount of time when it comes to actually writing your essay about the disadvantages of summer school. Your outline shows you exactly how each section of your essay hangs together and what you should write where.

The main body of your essay is where you should begin with your outline, firstly you want to identify between 3 and 5 disadvantages for summer school about which you can write. These could be the fact that most children will resent having to attend school during the time when their friends are enjoying their vacations. Children may be singled out and bullied by their peers and that some children are forced to follow subjects they really don’t want due to a limited curriculum.

For each of these you need to write a series of bullet points which will enable you to flesh out each individual paragraph. Once you have your points it will be very simple to write each paragraph and to remain on subject.

Your introduction should tell your readers what summer school is and provide some basic data as to how many attend each summer. It should also introduce them to what is going to be discussed within the main body.

Your final conclusion is your opportunity to follow a short summation of what you have discussed with your own personal comments and opinions.

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