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We all fail at things that we attempt to do, but on the whole, we continue to work at them until we master them and achieve what we set out to do. If we always gave up when something went wrong we would never have learned to walk or to talk. But there are times when fail has a more marked effect on us and inspires us to greatness in some way.

An admission text around the subject of an unsuccessful experience in life will require you to talk about just such an experience. Something that did not go as you planned that then caused you to question yourself and either become more motivated to succeed in some way or to decide to do something different in the future.

Structuring Your Reconstruction Failure Essay

As Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10, 000 ways that won’t work.” This is one quote that most people should always remember as most of the time we learn more through failure than we do through always succeeding. If you are always successful at what you do then you are not tackling anything challenging enough to be worthwhile.

For your college essay about failure, you need to find that one moment of fail that caused you to reevaluate what you were doing or caused you to question your abilities. What did it cause you to do and how has it affected you since? For a reconstruction failure essay, you need to use that experience to show how you became more committed to following the career path that your chosen course is going to lead you to.

The opening few lines of your essay about failure need to be written very well indeed to help you drag in the reader and impress them. They should be able to fully understand what is failing, and they want to know how it affected you only from these first few lines. If you fill those lines with clichés or meaningless fluff then you will have lost the reader’s attention straight away and this will be a failure essay in its own right.

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