Essay on Impressionism

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The impressionist art movement is an interesting area on which to write. An essay on impressionism gives you the opportunity to write about some of the most influential artists and discuss some wonderful works of art.

The introduction to your essay on impressionism should introduce the reader to the origin of the term impressionism which comes from a critic’s review of one of Claude Monet’s works; Impression, soleil levant. You should also explain that the height of the impressionist movement was within the 1870s and 1880s.

Writing an Essay on Impressionism

The main body of your essay could cover a variety of different aspects of the impressionism movement depending on the focus of your essay. This is a very broad area so you may wish to choose a specific topic or area to discuss such as the specific styles and subjects of impressionism paintings, the specific artists such as Monet, Pissaro or Manet, or even some specific pieces of work.

Whatever topic you decide to focus on you then need to break down your research into its main points, each point should have a paragraph of its own. So this could mean a paragraph talking about the colors used within impressionist paintings, or a paragraph about the works of Pissaro. You should aim for around 4 to 5 paragraphs in total to allow you to give the reader a firm understanding of your subject area.

An essay on impressionism is also a great opportunity to write a comparative essay if you want to compare the movement with another or if you want to compare the artists or paintings. You have many options as to how to write your essay on impressionism.

Concluding Your Essay on Impressionism

The conclusion should sum up all that you have discussed within the main body, you should not be adding additional information at this point. You can now add your own personal feelings and comments regarding impressionism and what you have researched and discovered. So if you were comparing artists it would be fine at this point to give your opinion as to which you thought was the best and why or even which paintings you particularly like.

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