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Korea was liberated from the Japanese during world war II by the Russians and the Americans. Rather than turn it directly over to the Korean people to govern themselves both powers split the country along the 38th Parallel and proceeded to help governments form on each side with the aim of withdrawing once they were self governing.

However with the onset of the cold war and the north forming a communist government and the south a democratic one there were extreme tensions between the two halves of the country. Korea was a strategic country between Russia and Japan so the Americans and Europeans felt they could not allow the communists to take control however the communist north of Korea felt that they should reunite the entire country under their control and thus war broke out in 1950.

Outlining Your Essay on Korean War

An outline for your essay on Korean War will help you to organize your thoughts and research and make the writing process so much simpler. Outlines are not difficult to create and your outline for your essay on Korean War can be put together reasonably quickly while you research.

Your essay needs to be split into three main sections; introduction, main body and then your conclusion. Under each you need to make some basic notes as you research the Korean war so that you know what to cover when you write your essay.

Your introduction, much like the introduction to this piece should introduce your reader to what the Korean war was. It does not need to go into great detail but just summarize the main aspects of what happened.

The main body is where you discuss the Korean War in detail. This section requires you to discuss different aspects of the war which could include the reasons for the formation of two different government styles, the north’s attempts to get aid from Russia, how china supported the North following the Chinese’s civil war, why America felt they had to support the south and so on.

Each aspect should have a paragraph of its own and you should aim for 3-5 paragraphs discussing the war within your essay on Korean War. For your outline, list out the aspects that you wish to discuss and list a few bullets under each to guide your writing.

Your conclusion will be where you pull together everything that you have already written into a short summary. You then need to add your own personal commentary to add your personal thoughts to your essay on Korean War.

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