Essay on Makeup on Oily Skin Type

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An expository essay is an essay in which the writer has to put forward a clear and concise thesis statement and then use the body of the essay to evaluate and prove that thesis statement.

Using makeup over oily skin can be a bit of a disaster as little will stay put without a lot of hard work and often a fair amount of money and time spend on using skin cleaning and preparation products. So if we want to write an expository essay on makeup on oily skin types we need to first come up with a hypothesis for our essay around which we can write.

Selecting a Hypothesis for Our Expository Essay on Makeup on Oily Skin Type

Much like selecting a topic for other types of the essay we need to find a subject around which we can write, an expository essay is generally an argumentative or persuasive essay in which we seek to prove an hypothesis. So if we are writing an expository essay on makeup on oily skin type then we would need to come up with a hypothesis such as;

“Using oil-free makeup will extend the life of your makeup” or “thorough cleaning and preparation will allow your makeup to remain in place all day”.

Outlining Your Expository Essay on Makeup on Oily Skin Type

Your outline allows you to develop a simple plan for writing your essay. By laying out the structure for your essay (Introduction, the main body then conclusion) and writing simple bullets about what you should include for each you provide yourself with some clear guidance to write your essay against.

The introduction should introduce the reader to the problems associated with using makeup on oily skin and then provide them with your hypothesis.

The main body should be made up with from 3 to 5 individual paragraphs, each of which should have a supporting argument for your hypothesis. The aim is for each paragraph to be able to persuade the reader that your hypothesis is correct and is the right course of action to follow.

The final section then will pull all of your supporting paragraphs together and show how without any doubt your hypothesis is correct.

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