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Writing an essay on responsibility can be difficult, especially if you do not narrow down the focus of your essay a little first. Responsibility is a huge subject and you could approach this from a host of different angles. Your first step with this essay is to pick the actual topic that you wish to write about; is this your own personal responsibility to your family or friends, or do you want to discuss big business’ responsibility to the community, the government’s responsibility to the people or any one of a million possible approaches to this essay.

Pick a subject that actually interests you and for which you have a personal opinion about and you will find that this essay is much easier to write.

How to Write an Essay on Responsibility

Like any other essay you need to structure your essay around three main sections: your introduction, body and then the conclusion.

Your introduction should firstly explain to the reader what responsibility is and why it is important. Responsibility is about being accountable to someone or even something, it is a feeling rather than something that can be measured and touched.

Your introduction should then introduce the focus of your essay on responsibility; for instance “Should businesses have more responsibilities for the communities in which they operate?”

The main body should then discuss the evidence or observations around your main topic, so for the suggestion above you could have a paragraph regarding a business’s current responsibilities covering areas such as tax, another paragraph regarding how it should be held accountable for its environmental performance and so forth. Each area should have a paragraph of its own.

After this your conclusion should summarize the main body and then answer any question that you posed when you opened your essay. You can also add any personal beliefs or comments within the conclusion also.

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