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Writing an essay on social networking will allow you to exercise your research skills as well as your ability to write. Social networking today is a worldwide phenomenon with almost everyone that has access to the internet having an account on a social networking site such as Facebook.

It was once believed that there were six people between you and anyone else in the world which spawned the suggestion of “six degrees of separation.” With facebook it is now claimed that within 4 degrees of separation you can find everyone within facebook making the world a much smaller place when it comes to networking.

When writing your essay on social networking you should start with your introduction which should introduce the concept of what is social networking. If this is a general essay on social networking then you can then tell them what you are going to discuss within your essay. Otherwise you may wish to take a specific view or stand regarding the subject and perhaps claim “social networking is destroying marriage” for instance.

Writing Your Essay on Social Networking

Once you have introduced your essay on social networking it is time to actually start discussing the subject. The main body of your essay should dedicate a paragraph to every topic that you wish to discuss. So for a general essay you may wish to discuss the history of social networks on the internet, the number of people using them, the social impact of them and so on.

If you have decided to write an argumentative style essay to prove a specific point then each paragraph should be a supporting argument for your main statement. So for the suggestion above you could write a paragraph describing news stories where facebook has been cited during divorce cases.

Other subjects you could decide to cover within your essay on social networking are the different types of networks such as LinkedIn for business or other perceived problems such as cyber-bullying and grooming of underage kids by adults. You could also discuss freedom of speech as some countries are now prosecuting people for what they say through sites such as twitter.

Your conclusion should be where your summary of the discussion section is placed along with showing how your argument has been proved if your essay is an argumentative essay. You should also add any personal views within this section such as how you think social networking will develop in the future.

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