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Writing an essay on United Kingdom Government is going to be a challenging essay to write as the UK government system to many seems to be highly complicated. The UK has a constitutional monarchy with the queen acting as the head of state. All laws are passed in the sovereigns name even though they have no true power to govern.
The Government is responsible for the implementation and development of policy and is formed from ministers of the party that holds the greatest number of seats within the House of Commons after a general election has been held.
The role of parliament is to check the work of the government on behalf of the people in the UK as well as approve any new laws and budgets through the two houses. Parliament is often confused with the government by many people. An MP within the house can be a member of parliament although they need not necessarily be a member of the government.

Outlining your essay on United Kingdom Government

You should begin your essay on United Kingdom Government by creating your outline, although seen by some as an extra step in the writing process it is highly necessary if you want to organize your research and your thoughts to enable your essay to be easily written.
Start by reviewing your main body, this is where you will discuss the main points of your essay and you should choose between three and six points to discuss. Each point should form a single paragraph and your outline should list a series of bullets for everything that you want to cover within each paragraph. So if you wanted to discuss the historical development of parliament you may wish to mention things like the Magna Carta and the English Civil War. Other areas you could cover are:

  • The difference between Government and Parliament
  • The role of the Sovereign (Queen)
  • The role of the House of Commons
  • The house of Lords
  • The role of government ministers and departments

Once you have outlined the main body of your essay it will be fairly simple to outline your introduction, this should introduce your reader to the concept of government and explain to them where it has originated from and what it means within your essay on United Kingdom government. Your conclusion is your final section and provides you the opportunity to recap what you have discussed and then add your personal views regarding the system in use.

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