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When it is talked about the exchange student program, the only thing comes in mind is to leave your country. People explore the different culture and languages of the new place by paying a visit there. These days, the number of the global exchange program is 35 in all over the world. Such students are availing loads of advantages due to this. Many schools and colleges provide students the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs so that students can experience how it is to live and learn within another country and culture. Of course, at the end of the program, the students are always asked to write about their experiences and what they have learned within an exchange student essay. So how do you go about writing your exchange student essay and what should you include. Is the essay just about your experiences or is it also about how your exchange partner found life when they visited you? Often you will need to review both sides of the exchange as a comparative essay.

Outlining Your Exchange Student Essay

All essays are typically broken down into three main sections; introduction, main body, and conclusion. Your introduction should introduce the country, region, and town with which the exchange program worked. It should also give some background with regards to the individual student with whom you were paired for the exchange program and for their family.

The main body is where you will compare and contrast what your experiences were within their country compared to your own. You should look at family life, social life and of course school life as you will almost certainly have been involved in being educated during the exchange.

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You will need to explain to the reader how you found things such as school, were the hours different, was the teaching style different, how did the atmosphere feel, where the students more or less attentive. Look for the things that really stood out as different or surprisingly similar. Aim to write 3 to 5 paragraphs, each paragraph concentrating on one area such as the school day.

The conclusion then should be the section within which you will be able to summarize the main differences or similarities and add your personal comments and feelings. You should tell the reader if you felt this was a worthwhile experience and how it has altered your opinions about this culture and other cultures in general.

How Should You Write Your National Student Exchange Essay?

It is not so difficult to write the exchange students essay. Some major steps can guide you well in it.  Often getting a place to go on the exchange visit will depend on how well you have written your exchange student essay. You need to show that you are deserving of a place and that you will benefit from the visit. Writing that perfect national student exchange essay will require you to put in a lot of hard work, but then the results will be worth it.

The following tips will help you to write an impressive exchange essay:

  • Do your homework: you will want to show that you have a real interest in the country so read up on it so that you understand a little about its culture and people to put in your essay. Find out about anything from the history of where you will visit through to famous people that live there.
  • Develop a thesis sentence that must sound strong. The statement must discuss all the points regarding the exchange program and studying abroad.
  • Look at student exchange essay examples: these can provide you with good guidance on how to write your essay as well as showing you the areas to cover.
  • Open with a hook: your essay needs to have an opening that will get their attention so that you wake the reader up from the start. Remember that they will be reading hundreds of essays so try to find something to open your essay with that will get their full attention and their interest.
  • Tell them the goals of your visit: whether it is to learn more about their music scene or their architecture give your reasons for wanting to go on the exchange to the country.
  • What are the benefits of you going on the exchange visit: don’t just talk about what you will gain from your visit, what will you provide to them also?
  • Be enthusiastic about the visit: make it clear that you really want to go through your writing. Be direct and also sincere with your writing.
  • Come up with the strong sentence by summing up for the conclusion. Write about gathering personal knowledge in detail. Ensure that your closing paragraph really shows your desire to be part of the exchange program and what you have to offer and benefit from.

It is not allowed to overlook the criteria of the work. You might consider utilizing your campus writing center is a great source by considering a single person looking at your essay. Simply, make a thorough check in the end. This will help you out in writing the exchange student essay effectively. The more reading results in building up the best writing skills. You have to pay attention to these tips.

What Mistakes Do You Need to Avoid in Your Exchange Student Essay?

These are few mistakes that you need to avoid once end up in writing the Exchange essay. Make sure that every point is valuable to perform this task in an ideal manner. There are many pitfalls that you can drop into when writing your exchange essay and you need to be aware of them so that you can avoid them. The following are some of the issues that you must avoid in your essay writing:

  • Don’t use clichés: saying that you have always wanted to visit there since you were young or mentioning something that is simply known to everyone is not going to make you memorable.
  • Don’t go over the top or exaggerate: keep to the truth within your essay and don’t try to make yourself out as something you are not.
  • Don’t talk about anything that is simply irrelevant: keep your essay to the point throughout.
  • Don’t submit your essay without careful checking: ensure that you proofread so that there are no spelling or other errors in your writing.
  • Never welcome to the typos by writing anything you like. Although, you might be a good writer but it’s not the solution at all. During the writing process, it is suggested to find the mistakes and make the corrections straight away.
  • Know about the particular things that you want to learn about the to-be-visited country. This can actually show your major purpose of choosing that nation for study.
  • Keep the essay concise. You need to write the brief content to describe the details. At the end, it is always recommended to write to-the-point information and important data.

These mistakes would help you more to rectify the main errors. All you have to do is to fix the issues without making particular mistakes.

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