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Article analysis is important in order to hone the comprehension and logical thinking of students. However, we do not expect students to suddenly be able to write excellent article analysis. To do so, we provide students with article analysis example for them to use as template as they learn how to properly write article analysis. Our examples aim to provide a foundation in developing students’ reading comprehension and logical thinking. In addition, we want students to be able to do further research in order to maximize the utilization of these examples. We also provide article analysis worksheet and templates to aid in further learning of students.

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Article analysis template forms are available to help students write their own article analysis reviews and papers. These templates serve as the next level of exercise for students who have thoroughly pored through our analysis examples. Our analysis template is comprised of questions which aid in the critical thinking of students. Moreover, our analysis templates also consist of exercises that provide research opportunities for students enabling them to learn more about how to provide thorough research for their future analysis papers. We aim to develop the analytical thinking of students and we believe that by providing these exercises and giving them a newspaper article analysis, they will be able to enhance their skills, making them successful in writing their own article analysis. We also have research exercises to give chance to the students to establish evidences based on well-researched claims. Through writing article analysis papers, students not only get to practice their cognitive skills but they are also equipped with learning the basics of providing thorough research. Much importance is given to research as article analysis depends highly on well founded claims. Because of this, most of our templates are research-intensive, allowing for independent work among students.

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For teachers and for students, we provide you with sample article analysis to guide you as you teach and as you learn how to write article analysis. These samples contain step by step procedures to assist you as you write your analysis. From the basics such as finding the main topic of the article to being able to support your claims that are in agreement or in contrary to the article based on well-developed research. We also provide you with help in how to structure your article analysis. In our samples, we also provide guides in how to properly cite references and resources. Plagiarism is a big no-no and that is why we give importance as well on how to write a proper bibliography in our sample articles.

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