General Argumentative Essay Outline

An argumentative essay outline is absolutely essential for writing this style of essay. It helps you plan out the evidence you want to present in the paragraphs and keeps you on track. You may be using a general outline, but general is not a word that applies to the argumentative essay format. This type of writing requires concise and clear statements that will not leave the reader in any doubt as to where you stand on the issue presented in the topic.

A Standard Argumentative Essay Outline

When creating an outline for argumentative essay purposes you must keep the basics of this writing in mind. There is a specific argumentative essay structure to which all persuasive essays must adhere. You should take a look at an argumentative essay example after you create the outline to see if this essay matches what you intend to do in your writing. An outline will become the argumentative essay template that you can use no matter what the topic of the essay may be.

Here is one argumentative essay outline example:

Write My Essay Steps2.png
  1. Introduction: You need to introduce the topic of your essay in the very first sentence of the essay. The thesis statement is a very important component of an argumentative essay introduction because it sets the stage for the rest of the writing. The reader should know exactly what you intend to prove in the essay after reading the introduction.
  2. Body: The paragraphs in the body of the argumentative essay present your arguments for or against the topic. You should start with the strongest supporting evidence first and work your way down the list. You don’t have to include all the points that you have in your jot notes. To do so would only draw out the essay and by doing this you will lose the interest of the reader. All of the statements should be related to the thesis statement for argumentative essay.
  3. Conclusion: An argumentative essay conclusion is just as important as the introduction. It is the place where you draw all the evidence together and restate the thesis statement in different words so that you don’t repeat yourself.

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