Help! How to write my reflective essay?

Writing a reflective essay is a nice way in sharpening your critical thinking skills. You need to understand what you need to reflect at before you proceed in writing your essay. If you will not do this, you will lose track of ideas or you will not able to write that make sense. Take note that a reflective essay is like a journal where you will jot down about your thoughts and what you feel about the topic. The topic can be a book, event, film or anything.

Before writing a reflective essay, ask yourself couple of questions like how your topic affect you, how you feel about it and much more. The essay asks you provide your insights. If you know the answer to questions, you can begin writing. It is important to gather more questions and do not limit it to only three questions. Explore as you can and concentrate. When you have the answers for your personal questions, list the answers.
Summarize it to one sentence and it will serve as your central thesis or controlling idea. It will guide you in writing your essay. With the thesis statement, identify ideas and arguments that support it. Expand or write more in every supporting idea. It is better to include factual statement in the body sections like what you observed for your claims to be well supported. Having sufficient reference is a nice way or providing substance.
In the conclusion, restate your thesis or main insight briefly. You can end it with a question or challenge your readers by asking them the same question. These are good tips in writing a reflective essay. Remembering it will help you a lot in getting started to write your essay. You need first to ask questions to yourself before you decided to start writing.


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