Help me to write my biology essay on ‘the plant cell’

To write my essay on ‘plant cell’, I need to know what is a cell? A cell is a the basic unit of life. Plant cells are cells that are in plants. Plant cells are like animal cells, but they have a cell wall and chloroplasts.The plant cells like all living organisms, feeds itself, grows, multiplies and dies. In 1655, the English scientist Robert Hooke, while examining a dried section of cork tree with a crude light microscope, he observed small chambers and named them cells. Within a decade, researchers had determined that cells were not empty but instead were filled with a watery substance called cytoplasm.

German botanist Matthias Jacob Schleiden and the German physiologist Theodore Schwann in 1838 and formalized a cell theory. Which stated:

1. The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life; all organisms are composed of cells.
2. All cells are produced by the division of preexisting cells.
3. All basic function like repair, growth, movement, immunity, communication, and digestion – are carried out inside of cells.
4. The activities of cells depends on the activities of sub-cellular structures within the cell.

Plant cells are Eukaryotic and have many of the structures similar to that found in animal cells. These similar structures are: Plasma membrane, Nucleus and nucleolus, Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Peroxisomes and Microtubules. Plant cells differ from animal cells in lacking: centrioles and intermediate filaments. The plant cell have plastids, cell wall and a large vacuoles which lacks in animal cell. These plastids present in plants are of three types and out of them one is Chloroplast which gives green color to the plant.

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