Help me to write my biology essay on Hair Color

In order to write my essay, on this, I need to have an idea on how the genetics science works and how the characters are transferred from parents to children. We humans have 46 chromosomes. A baby gets 23 chromosomes from his mother and 23 from his father. With all the possible gene combinations, one pair of parents has the potential to produce 64 trillion different children. This probably may give you an idea of how impossible it is to predict just what your baby will look like.

Our genes are made up of pairs of bits of DNA. For each gene, there are a range of possible DNA sequences that exist in our species. All of these possible values are called alleles; in general terms, each allele is connected to some specific variation of a physical trait. Supposing that a single gene determined the hair color, there would be an allele for brown hair, an allele for black hair. For any gene, we have two alleles. They may be the same, or they may be different. Depending on the gene, and on the alleles, different things will happen if the alleles are the same or different. It is called dominant traits when it will show up if you have either allele for that trait; recessive traits will show up only if you have both alleles for that trait.

In simple term, I would say, there are two genes that control hair color. The first is the brown/blond gene, which has the dominant brown allele and the recessive blond allele. The second hair color gene is the redness gene, where having reddish hair is a recessive trait. If you have you have blond hair that’s not reddish, we can see that you yourself have at most one redness allele in your red hair gene. In such a case, one of your parents might have been carrying the red hair gene around for generations. At the same time you may or may not have a child with red hair.

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As you have you have blond hair, and because blondness is a recessive trait, we know you have the blond allele for both of your blond/brown hair color alleles. This shows you got blond hairs from both of your parents. If both the parents have brown hair, which means they both have one brown and one blond allele; brown is dominant, so the blond allele doesn’t get expressed in their hair color, but it does get passed on to you. Your mom’s mom was blond, so she had both blond alleles, so she must have passed the blond allele on to your mother.

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