Help me to write my descriptive essay about my teacher

To write my essay on my teacher is just like writing about any other person I know. You might ask how do I write my essay without hurting the feelings of my teacher.

First off, I will sit down and try to remember what my teacher looks like. Is she tall? Is she big-boned? Does she have high cheekbones? Does she wear make-up when she goes to class? Does she have a particular bag that she brings to class? When I have a clear picture of my teacher, I’ll recall her mannerisms in class. Does she walk around the classroom while she lectures? Does she make eye contact with the students? Is she the kind of teacher who holds something while she speaks?

It’s just a matter of being more detail-oriented. Instead of focusing on what I think she looks like, I can describe the physical features of my teacher. I can do this without hurting my teacher’s feelings by not focusing on what she looks like but describing her features one by one. To help me in this, I go back to what I was thinking about earlier. For example, I will talk about the color of her hair and then the color of her eyes. I can talk about her height. If she is short, instead of saying that, I will say that she isn’t very tall. I can describe the color of her skin. Rather than saying she is fat (if she is), I can say that she has a big body build. I can talk about the clothes she often wears. I can mention what I think her style is.

After talking about the physical features of my teacher, I would write my essay and describe her personality. So I wouldn’t hurt her feelings, I’ll think about the positive things that she’s done. I will describe the good things that she does in class. That way, I’m not going to offend her.

With that, I can write my essay describing my teacher without hurting her feelings.

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