Help me to write my essay about Hollywood

To write my essay on Hollywood, I would start by identifying what meaning of Hollywood am I going to discuss. For this essay, I am going to talk about the film period in time.

Before I write my essay on Hollywood, I will read on the history of cinematography in the United States. From there, I will note the emergence of Hollywood style films and read that. Once I am done with research, I will make an outline of the ideas that I want to put into my essay.

When I write my essay, I should keep in mind the questions that I want my essay to answer. Who were the known filmmakers during the Golden Hollywood era? What were the techniques used for films before? It is also possible to compare modern cinema and old style Hollywood films.

Once I am ready with my questions, I can write my essay. I would begin by describing the film scene in the United States. I can discuss the origins of American films. I can talk about the various styles and techniques used. From there, I can talk about the highlights of each era I the history of American cinema.

I can discuss the most known filmmakers from each era as I go on about the highlights in the different eras of film. I can mention some of their most notable films, their artistic styles and some little trivia about them. For example, Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most popular directors in the 1940s was known to make cameo roles in each of the films he directed.

I should not forget to discuss some of the known actors and actresses from each period. They are as important as the directors because they help bring life to the director’s artistic vision.

And that is my essay on the history of Hollywood.

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