Help me to write my essay about natural disasters

To write my essay about natural disasters, I would start by defining natural disasters. A natural disaster is the effect of any natural hazard. Some examples of natural hazards are floods, tornados, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

For further analysis and to give it more structure, I would write my essay and describe the different types of natural hazards. All of them are very familiar to us. We don’t really have to experience going through it to know what it is.

Another thing that I can mention when I write my essay is some examples of the worst natural disasters recorded in history. One of the most recent being the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Eastern Japan. This is one of the worst earthquakes recorded in history, killing over 15,000 people and leaving some 5,000 injured. Aside from this earthquake, I can discuss other major natural disasters around the world.

To add a more human feel when I write my essay, I will also talk about how natural disasters have affected people. I would discuss first the physical damage done to the surroundings then go into detail on the people. Natural disasters don’t just do physical damage, it is also capable of doing emotional damage on its victims. There are some people who have phobias and children who are traumatized because of their experience with natural disasters.

And from there, I can add more information in between so my readers will be able to understand more about natural disasters and the effects they have on people.

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