Help me to write my essay on ‘ effects of reality TV shows’

To write my essay on this we need to talk about Reality TV and Reality shows. It is very clear that television has an adverse effects on every one, either grown ups or children. This is the main reason for advertisement shown on TV. Reality shows are quite common now a days. It is the easiest way to attract viewers as they get a chance to view and know their favorite celebrities.

The views watching these reality shows become really addicted to it and want to see their favorite celebrity more and more. They do forget that these shows are are staged, choreographed and edited to make the viewing public “think” that what is going on is real life. Much of what you see on reality television is only part of what is really going on in that particular situation after the editing. The real motto behind these show is to attract more viewers, entertain them more and to increase the TRP.

Few Reality Shows like American Idol, Indian Idol and Dancing With the Stars gives chance to new comers to show their talent and in building up their career too. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes on their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) by the Internet. This gives the viewer to select their favorite stars as well as helps telephone companies to earn some profits. There are certain talk shows that helps the viewers to share their views and ideas. Certain Quiz shows that helps gaining knowledge. These talent shows and programs portray individuals trying to perfect a skill and hold positive messages.

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