Help me to write my essay on Country versus City life

I am quite fortune that I have got a chance to dwell in both country as well as city. This has made it easy for me to write my essay. I have spent my childhood in the country so will definitely like to point out that life in Cities are more crowded and faster-paced while rural living or staying in a country is often more relaxed and less congested. In country or in rural areas there is a sense of community and the openness which makes people seem accessible to each other or you can say people are more attached to each other or say are available at the time of your happiness and sorrow or in need. You will find no rush, no traffic jams, no lengthy commutes by subway or car, friendly people, and better still, no tall buildings to block the daylight.

Cities are a hub for industrialization. There are more factories so more pollution. In the country you can find plenty of greenery and open place where as in cities you will find skyscrapers. Living in a country may be quite cost efficient. No need of cars, less use of electricity. The rate of housing are cheaper too. You will get a chance to get fresh fruits and vegetables, free of fertilizers and pesticides. Life in a country is more healthy. Free from electronic gadgets. Free from the waves radiating from wireless items like cell phones and Blue tooth.

Once staying in a city, one may find the life of country quite tough in absence of many amenities but still both have their own enjoyment.

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